6 Facts About Jumpstart Bodyfuel Alternative Health Bars

1. Fresh: Definitely fresh! Our inventory is very low every day.Our bars are created and crafted 3x a week in small batches. Literally!
2. Healthy: Of course. Our Founder created the products for personal consumption. Linda didnot dream to open a food business. It became a small business when she realized there is a need for consumers to have access to healthier choices. She wants to share her passion for a healthier lifestyle. 
3.Organic: Jumpstart BodyFuel use 70% organic ingredients and source it responsibly. Our Founder would not settle for less. We are all about higher quality.
4. Nutrition: The original JBF bars were created real simple. Food needs to be simpler in order to give the body ample time to assimilate better and utilize the nutrition. Our Founder believes that our body is like a premium machinery that is required to work efficiently in order to provide the person a better able body. Do you now how long it takes to digest a 3 oz piece of chicken? or beef? Make a wild guess. If the body is over worked, it will definitely work harder and the result is undesirable. Obesity.
5. Certified: 99% of our ingredients are not at risk of GMO. Our founder use the original state of each ingredient we use. We were evaluated by he NON GMO Project and applied for the certification. JBF use Bob’s Red Mill certified gluten free products. Feel free to read our Nutrition Facts.
6. Ethical: JBF strive to work with the best suppliers in the country. Linda E. Ikeda is a member of the Specialty Food Association and attend Trade Shows including the Natural Food Expo. She acquires knowledge constantly and do research all the time on the latest development about food ethics. She works with certified food suppliers & the Fair Trade Organization.

Jumpstart Bodyfuel recognizes the great need for a healthier lifestyle,
for a personal and professional satisfied life.

Our alternative health bars and cookies can help.

A robust physical and mental well being is what Jumpstart Bodyfuel is all about.
Smart nutrition and a sufficient physical health program is what we advocate.

Having said that, please join me with my staff to spread the word.
Proliferate and keep the well-intentioned goals. Eat smart!

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